Tools for remote support software

IT support personnel are now more productive than ever thanks to remote access. Customers expect businesses to respond right away and offer a speedy answer to their concerns in today’s cloud-ready and mobile-enabled corporate environment. Every technology provider must currently have a streamlined help desk operation and a reliable remote assistance capability in place. Before selecting the most dependable solution based on their demands and requirements, businesses must take into account all remote support software options available to them.

Some of the best remote support software tools


Popular remote support program TeamViewer provides a user-friendly interface for connecting to remote devices on various platforms. Teams are able to utilize TeamViewer for meetings and presentations in addition to technical support. This remote access solution is paired with shared meeting resources including Whiteboards, HD and video conferencing, and live chat rooms. The product’s ease of use, which eliminates the need for configuration even when working with firewalls and proxy servers, is another major selling point. To establish distant connections with only one click, you can make a contact list. TeamViewer displays all contacts who are online and accessible at a particular time, much like any chat program.

Drag-and-drop file transfers are supported by TeamViewer, just like they are by all other contemporary remote assistance programs. Additionally, you receive the standard advantages like remote printing, remote wake-up and restart for application installation, and remote access from mobile devices. Additionally, the technology can be used by small businesses as a VPN (virtual private network) substitute. They can make use of it to set up safe remote access to their servers and to get VPN access to crucial files.

Dameware Remote Support

Your IT staff will be able to expedite support operations with the aid of Dameware® Remote Support, a straightforward and reasonably priced remote access and remote administration product. The program includes a Mini Remote Control that enables administrators and support staff to remotely access Linux, Windows, and MacOSX computers. You can use it to access workstations in an organization that are located on both sides of a firewall. By enabling you to restart systems, terminate any running processes or services, manage event logs, files, and other things, the utility makes troubleshooting simpler.

You may monitor Active Directory (AD) domains in addition to addressing issues on various desktops and servers. This enables you to remotely administer your AD system and carry out tasks like password resets, group policy changes, user account unlocking, and more. To further debug networking issues, you can also use widely used applications like ping, tracert, FTP, Telnet, DNS lookup, etc. You can enable remote Smart Card authentication and Smart Card logon methods for enhanced security. The program also enables remote administration and assistance for Windows computers from mobile (Android and iOS) devices. Dameware Remote Support improves support operations for your IT team with these and many other capabilities.


Splashtop is the only option for individuals looking for a straightforward and affordable remote assistance software solution for personal usage. This utility enables remote access from your tablet, PC, or mobile device and offers quick and secure connections. Splashtop offers a user interface that is straightforward and simple to install. You can also use Chromebooks or Chrome web browsers to launch a remote connection because they are compatible with popular operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The program has a reliable and simple security option that requires administrators to provide a nine-digit code in order to access to client computers or mobile devices. Splashtop offers both supervised and unsupervised access to distant systems. Splashtop meets the criteria to be included in the list of best remote support software solutions in the market.


Another complete remote access tool with capabilities that enable simple, secure remote access is RemotePC. To solve problems for various users, your support staff can quickly switch between many monitors. It supports all popular platforms, including mobile devices, and agentless access to remote machines directly from your browser. You may utilize the tool to easily transfer files using drag and drop, communicate more easily with chat, and use capabilities like remote printing, whiteboarding, and session recording. To access networked workstations that are offline, RemotePC also offers cutting-edge capabilities like Wake-on-LAN. To meet the varying demands of companies of all sizes, there are numerous flexible options available. Additionally, you may expand your system as your business expands without worrying about theinstallation of additional hardware and software.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Google’s free Chrome Remote Desktop tool operates in your Chrome browser as a widget or extension. Using only a few clicks, users of Chrome browsers may quickly establish a remote connection with this incredibly simple and intuitive application. It works with the Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems. Even if the host user logs out, the remote assistance tool continues to function. However, because it lacks sophisticated functionality for remote administration, the solution is only effective for single users (developers) and small teams. For instance, you might not use chat support or drag & drop features. Additionally, it prohibits multi-session handling, so if your team needs to assist numerous people, they can run into trouble.

LogMeIn Rescue

IT workers may easily and quickly gain access to faraway systems and mobile devices with the help of LogMeIn Rescue, a cutting-edge web-based remote support solution. The tool is frequently used by numerous support desk teams in businesses. The utility gives a quick overview of a remote system and gives access to all active services, programs, and activities.

Additionally, you may view system data like the OS version, battery life, RAM/CPU use, etc. It is a very user-friendly program that supports drag and drop functionality, making it simple to transfer files and directories. The solution also enables hassle-free rebooting and reconnecting so you can easily install critical programs or carry on troubleshooting. The fact that Rescue is designed to facilitate team member participation is another significant benefit. Your remote support session, together with your notes and discussions, can be effortlessly transferred to a different team member. As a result, the person taking over can move forward and quickly catch up with troubleshooting.

Additionally, you can record sessions, either directly from the technician’s end or automatically across your organization. You can keep an eye on your support teams in real-time thanks to this tool. This tool is a fantastic option for businesses looking for a comprehensive solution for the help desks or IT teams due to its remote printing and unlimited remote access features, better password management, 1Tb of file storage, multi-monitor display, and screen-sharing capabilities.

Zoho Assist

An excellent remote cloud-based support tool for small- to medium-sized organizations is Zoho Assist. For establishing connections with and managing remote PCs, servers, laptops, and mobile devices, Zoho Assist offers both on-demand and unattended remote support. With the help of the program, administrators can securely login to shut-down, hibernating, or locked systems. The program offers a variety of deployment options and is fully compatible with both Windows and Mac. Administrators can use the program to perform tasks on computers both inside and outside of the local network. This tool is available for free trial installation for businesses. Zoho Assist is one of the greatest options for cost-conscious enterprises without specialized help desks for troubleshooting because it offers so many advantages.

Remote Access Plus

With three editions—Standard, Free, and Professional—Remote Access Plus, one of the best Enterprise Remote Support Software options, is a full-featured troubleshooting tool. The application makes it easier for network administrators and IT specialists to connect to systems remotely and handle problems quickly. The tool provides two-factor authentication and role-based access management to maintain security. System management, remote access control, Wake on LAN, remote file transfer, and remote shutdown are just a few of the built-in features of the simple to set up and use Remote Access Plus. Administrators may support technicians remotely with the help of audio, video, and text chat, enabling a seamless remote assistance experience. The program enables administrators to remotely track and observe Windows events. Additionally, you can view reports that are available for audit to stay updated.


Using online connectivity, the remote connection tool GoToMyPC offers a secure remote connection. Administrators can remotely move files and print data thanks to the program. No other software needs to be needed in order to use or install the tool. To connect to the systems you wish to work on, all you need to do is input your login information. Installing and using the tool is available as a free trial for seven days, according to the seller.